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  • 27 июн. 2019 г.

  • Little Brianna Alyssa Cameron from New Jersey, USA stopped by at GTT today with her family to share with us her +Star qualities! She got a WOW from the staff! Does she get a WOW from you too?


  • Its Mika
    Its Mika Год назад

    Btw Gtt we are here waiting on the finals of the singing competition to be uploaded so we can vote

  • Alex Andria
    Alex Andria Год назад

    She has better voice control than a lot of adults 🙂😊. She'll get far

  • Aqualeena Persaud
    Aqualeena Persaud Год назад

    Woah 💕♥️🔥you guys should have her on the finals to perform

  • Its Mika
    Its Mika Год назад

    I felt this, bless her little heart.. so beautiful 😭❤❤❤❤

  • Please Subscribe
    Please Subscribe Год назад

    Amazing performance we got our selves a winner but gtt I waiting fa y'all upload the finals performance

  • Fatema Murray
    Fatema Murray Год назад

    Amazing....jus imagine when she gets better control of her voice omg taaaaaleennted!!! Blessed!!!

  • Kaydia Dutches
    Kaydia Dutches Год назад

    hear my little cousin i love yuh bri!!!!

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith Год назад

    When will the finals be upload here

  • Nai Murray
    Nai Murray Год назад

    Awww she too tweet ❤❤

  • precious love
    precious love Год назад

    She's got it baby girl you gonna reach far keep on reaching for the 🌟 star hunni mommy n daddy encourage her.

  • amy wong
    amy wong Год назад


  • Ambitious Kenny
    Ambitious Kenny Год назад

    This give me goosebumps.....brilliant baby girl 😍😍

  • Lionel Luke-King
    Lionel Luke-King Год назад

    Mad skills, 💖

  • singing rose
    singing rose Год назад

    Aaaawww so cute

    BAMBITIOUS Bambi Год назад

    Wowowowowo such beautiful golden voice she should be in the competition and not that so called Tonnina

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P Год назад

    born to sing. Gifted. Somebody should help the family to develop this childs talent. GT$T ??

  • David Deonarine
    David Deonarine Год назад

    Waiting to see the finals plz

  • Tehillah Browne
    Tehillah Browne Год назад

    sounding prappa

  • kimmy g
    kimmy g Год назад

    She sing great better than some of those finalist

  • Arya Chris
    Arya Chris Год назад