The Principal's Office- "Armed and Dangerous" Скачать

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  • 17 сент. 2009 г.


  • Col.Ketchup
    Col.Ketchup 6 лет назад

    wow i didn't know nick cage went into school administration.

  • Waylan Prairie
    Waylan Prairie Год назад

    I got in trouble for jumping from my desk to my buddies desk and I broke his desk

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 6 лет назад

    she probably has a crush on him

  • Calm Down, Kim!
    Calm Down, Kim! 3 года назад

    What's your name man?

  • MSO Gaming
    MSO Gaming 11 месяцев назад

    This was the beginning of a porno I've seen

  • Ali Tier
    Ali Tier 6 лет назад

    Fair enough. She shouldn't be throwing stuff in a lesson

  • leftsoul
    leftsoul 6 лет назад

    Can t blame the principal he made the right call if first aid is needed thats a huge issue.

  • The Hamburgler
    The Hamburgler Год назад

    I thought juicewrld was going to come in at some point

  • MWSmithLover
    MWSmithLover 2 года назад

    “Mr. Hamilton I have a game tonight!” Well, you should’ve thought of that before throwing a binder in class!

  • ShadowBlack
    ShadowBlack 6 лет назад

    I had a rock thrown at my head today and it hurt. But the guy who did it wasn't even called don for doing it. It's a little something called, according to most teachers, "SCHOOL SPIRIT"

  • Steph steoh
    Steph steoh Год назад

    Cheerleaders are basically the president of the class room and that's why it disappoints me.

  • Lareina Brown
    Lareina Brown Год назад

    She looks like the girl off of My Babysitter’s A Vampire

  • MofuSouls
    MofuSouls 6 лет назад

    principal looks like nic cage

  • Racktoar
    Racktoar 6 лет назад

    Emergency room for a that thing? That couldn't even brake a finger...

  • Stone Wallace
    Stone Wallace Год назад

    S/O JuiceWrld

  • 65roses93
    65roses93 5 лет назад

    I had a football thrown at my head and because the girl was a cheerleader, she didn't get a consequence. Nice.

  • elfboy676
    elfboy676 9 лет назад

    @reelballerina He said that they are supposed to have a positive influence, and they should. They are pretty much the face of the high school.

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas Год назад

    I’m in town, parties going down

  • Conner Gallagher
    Conner Gallagher Год назад

    Juice wrld were u at

  • Eat Cereal.
    Eat Cereal. Год назад

    Holy shit. I didn't know juice wrld watched principals office.