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  • 20 авг. 2019 г.

  • We have been testing out a new form of debit card which involves your fingerprint and hopes to prevent fraud. Subscribe HERE Find us online at Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook:


  • Expirations
    Expirations Год назад

    Up next: Credit cards now have a notch for Face ID

  • The Webmaster
    The Webmaster Год назад (изменено)

    Personally i see a lot of rich people having their fingers chopped off to accompany the stolen card

  • Mystery Mashine
    Mystery Mashine Год назад

    “But your phone costs a lot more, needs to be charged and is a lot bigger” sure, but you’re still going to bring it with you everywhere anyway...

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie
    Sexual Chocolate Robbie Год назад

    Next thing the muggers will chop off your fingers.

  • obama
    obama Год назад

    Yeah, it’s called my phone and it works better than this

  • ØwØ
    ØwØ Год назад

    Or you could just, use Apple/Samsung/Google pay?

  • Jason Moy
    Jason Moy Год назад

    BBC: Phone is bigger than the card

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Год назад

    “But your phone costs a lot more, needs to be charged, and is a lot bigger.”

  • P K
    P K Год назад

    Visa and Mastercard are getting scared of mobile payments, I see

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese Год назад

    Really late to the party, it’s 2019 not 2000

  • Srđan R
    Srđan R Год назад

    This is pointless. We are going to use our phones, which we have with us all the time

  • edmaluf
    edmaluf Год назад

    "if the banks back it". Meanwhile in China, Tencent just said f**k banks. Pay with a QR code. If you haven't heard of WeChat...

  • Amann
    Amann Год назад (изменено)

    No thank you I'm good with remembering my pin and using samsung pay

  • ganesh muralidhar
    ganesh muralidhar Год назад

    If you loose your card, you are loosing your fingerprint information on it along with that. That's seem more dangerous ! Not good idea in 2019.

  • surfie007
    surfie007 Год назад


  • Abroham Lincoln
    Abroham Lincoln Год назад

    call me crazy, but I'd rather have someone skim my card number then chopping off my hand

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson Год назад

    Why don't you use your phone instead? Apple Pay/Samsung Pay?

  • Jacob Cheng
    Jacob Cheng Год назад

    What you alway can do is give us a call and lock your card

  • Morse Code Reviews
    Morse Code Reviews Год назад

    Narrator -"If my money gets stolen will you guys give it back?"

  • Anon 4425
    Anon 4425 Год назад

    Cant wait to see this pulled apart at next years def con lol