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  • 7 мая 2011 г.

  • We were learning Hebrew so we decided to sing the very first song we learned in :) It's beautiful. Link up! ♬Facebook- ♬Instagram- ♬Twitter-


  • Rabbi Shlomo Nachman
    Rabbi Shlomo Nachman 4 года назад

    Yasher Koach! My wife stumbled onto this video and shared it with me. You three ladies are incredible! Not only was your pitch and accents perfect, the spirit of shalom flowed from you and the words seemed to flow forth from your souls. May HaShem bless you all for this wonderful presentation.

  • Emmunah EL
    Emmunah EL 2 года назад

    Are you still learning Hebrew? If so, please sing more songs in Hebrew.

  • DreamGyrl360
    DreamGyrl360 2 года назад

    I'm only sorry my sons are too young for you! Beautiful, intelligent and talented! 3 Shalom!

  • offthehook4u
    offthehook4u 2 года назад

    Oh how I wish wish wish I could give this a thousand likes!!!!!! Please don't ever take this down or I will miss it terribly. The harmonies are so beautiful as is the message.

  • Peter Rambo
    Peter Rambo 4 года назад

    I 'discovered' you ladies yesterday. Played this to open Shabbat at our home fellowship today and posted this as well as four other videos on my blog,

  • Yahoshua Levi
    Yahoshua Levi Год назад

    Toda Rabah! Hallelujah ! Thank you and praise The Lord.

  • It’s Loveable Belle
    It’s Loveable Belle Год назад

    Beautiful! Sound like angels singing. Such joy and peace in my soul. God bless you,

  • 3B4JOY
    3B4JOY 6 лет назад

    Thanks everyone :)

  • briddle1
    briddle1 4 года назад

    This is the first song of Shabot and sung before the evening meal. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the beauty you 3 have. I especially liked the translation sung as well.

  • George Persyn
    George Persyn 5 лет назад

    Thank you as a Hasidic jew growing up I love the way u sung...

  • tlcSerenityScents
    tlcSerenityScents 2 года назад

    Those voices AND hearts .. truely touch by the Ruach HoQuodesh! Anointed .. Barakah every time I hear this! Shalom

  • Adriana Queiroz
    Adriana Queiroz 4 года назад

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! God bless you girls!!!! Peace from Brazil!!!!!

  • Nkem Nwankwo
    Nkem Nwankwo 4 года назад

    I'm glad The Ruach Hakodesh led me to your page, your ballads are soothing to my Soul, I pray that The Joy of Our LORD accompanies your hearts from now to Eternity,

  • Рубен Augustine
    Рубен Augustine 4 года назад

    Angels encouraged you to sing such beautiful song

  • mikah
    mikah 5 лет назад

    I'm doing this same version of Shalom Aleichem for my honors concert ☺️

  • Daniel Suntoo
    Daniel Suntoo 4 года назад

    hats off girls. good performance

  • Yom Tov
    Yom Tov Год назад

    Wow! My skin is goosebumps and my spine is tingling.

  • Stjepan Istra
    Stjepan Istra 3 года назад

    God Bless You / from middle Europe, Croatia- i can never be tired to hear Yoiurs praise!!!!

  • miss diaspora levy
    miss diaspora levy 5 лет назад

    omg you ladies are amazing. please do more. please do "elohim natan lecha bematana"

  • Yaron Melo
    Yaron Melo 5 лет назад

    Amazing! Your Hebrew is very good! Congrats!