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  • 11 янв. 2018 г.

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  • DarkMatter2525
    DarkMatter2525 2 года назад

    The problem is that they all assumed the people who parked those cars were also the owners of those cars.

  • skynet091287
    skynet091287 Год назад

    This reminds me of a few times i worked as a firefighter, when someone in a remote part of town parked next to a firehydrant...

  • k v
    k v Год назад

    Going to have to say something about the people double parking. Some of them are just jerks. But. I was recently in a full car park near a doctor's office. Someone was double parked, which pissed me off. As I was touring the car park hoping someone would leave so I could find a space (no parking on the street), and being pissed off about the car using two spaces, I saw a person in a wheelchair going towards the car that was using two spaces. I watched, and they had JUST enough room to be able to manuever the chair, open the door, get themselves in, and pull the chair into the back seat . I then had a look around and discovered there was only one handicapped parking spot in the entire car park, and there was literally no other way that person could have parked and been able to get in and out of their car. So I'm a lot slower to judge now.

  • Steve Hansen
    Steve Hansen Год назад

    One morning I was blocked in by the neighbor parking across my driveway. I called the police. Within 5 minutes the police showed up. The police tried to get the neighbor to answer their door but when that didnt work they called a towing company and 10 minutes later the car was gone. Buh-bye. When I got back home the neighbor came out and started cussing me out. Some people will not take responsibility for anything. Its never their fault.

  • T. Dee
    T. Dee Год назад

    I loved how he waited so long in the last one. Hope he waved as he drove off 😆.

  • ILoveMyOrchids
    ILoveMyOrchids Год назад

    10.20, if u can’t drive or park properly, you shouldn’t be driving. All you’re doing is being dangerous or annoying to EVERYONE else.

  • My Life Matters
    My Life Matters Год назад

    I love the foreign countries where they just forklift that shit out lol !

  • Eliz Donovan
    Eliz Donovan Год назад

    Click bait. No car hemmed in by large blocks of concrete. 👎👎👎

  • West Coast Paranormal Investigators

    That last one had me cracking up he just jumped in and took off lol.

  • Alun Rees
    Alun Rees Год назад

    I clicked on this video because of the car being blocked in by two concrete blocks!!! Where was it?

  • Mazza P
    Mazza P Год назад (изменено)


  • 7thLetter Speaks
    7thLetter Speaks 11 месяцев назад

    The last vid has me in tears 😂 😭 I loved how he just got in and pulled off.

  • trellend
    trellend Год назад

    Stop that crap music, holy crap.

  • Fluffy Cthulu
    Fluffy Cthulu 11 месяцев назад


  • Databyter
    Databyter 2 года назад

    Yea, I used to work in construction when I was younger. During the rainy season on one job it was a very difficult task to bring your trucks and materials or just your transportation onto the jobsite because it was on a hill and the road was dirt and rutted and muddy, but they tried to keep at least one lane passable. One self important jerk in a VW van constantly blocked the road while he went to various units he was working on rather than parking out of the way. One day this had occurred once too often. A hero jumped into one of those loaders that puts materials like heavy stacks of drywall several stories high into the buildings or on a balcony. He lifted that VW van completely off the ground and put it on the third floor of the building. This was about 10am, a few hours before lunch, but word spread like wildfire and just about everybody on that worksite took an early break that day. The road and the street facing balconys and doorways of that worksite were lined with people and there was a carnival atmosphere. Finally after an impossibly long time, that seemed to justify the hooligan act, the workman brought his tools out and started looking around for his van. It was hilarious as he walked up and down the street and nobody would look at him or talk to him, finally somebody pointed up to the balconey and the entire street erupted with laughter. The police were called, but funny thing, nobody saw a darn thing, and even the cops were laughing. Good times, good memories. That guy never parked in the street again after that.

  • Geno Kemp
    Geno Kemp Год назад (изменено)


  • 0 1
    0 1 Год назад

    I had been waiting for a spot for 10 minutes on a student driver to move only to have a mustang whip in last second. I told the dude about it and, he said drive something faster. Company f450 towed him to the last parking spot available while a witness held my parking spot.

  • TH C
    TH C 10 месяцев назад

    Its always the ones with expensive ones that feel entitled

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy Год назад (изменено)

    Feels good to get revenge, when doing it the right way.

  • SNU. SNU
    SNU. SNU 2 года назад

    On That last one I can't get over how she starts moaning at passers by about the red car that is perfectly parked in the next bay 😂