One of the first USA Fighter vs Chinese Fighter MMA Matches In China - Oct 2, 2006 Скачать

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  • 5 февр. 2020 г.

  • For those of you who like martial arts, combat sports, and MMA history, here's a very cool piece of history in Chinese martial arts. This is one of the first Chinese fighter vs American fighter MMA matches from October 2nd, 2006, a year after Art of War FC 1. This match featured Chinese MMA pioneer Hao Miao (浩淼 aka 王洪涛) vs future Ultimate Fighter 8 Contestant Fernando Bernstein. Let's see what the match was like and learn some lessons. Also, how does this compare to UFC 1? Whether you're a fan of traditional martial arts or mixed martial arts, or both, this is a great case study in style vs style matches. Leave your comments below! The original source I critiqued: For a custom fit mouthguard: Discount code FCB15 will take 15% off all guards (first time customers only) Get 30% off a good editing chair (E-Win Racing) for your sitting posture when using the computer: FCB is your discount code. Fight Ready lesson set to help your striking: Get martial arts and self defense equipment here: For those of you watching, please subscribe and like this video, and let us know what type of video you want to see more! More videos like this to come! Intro animation by Ben Li (please reach out to him if you want an intro done or if you want to use his footage): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow #fightcommentarybreakdowns on social media and send us clips, thoughts, rants etc. Get exclusive commentary breakdowns on our other platforms: Facebook - Instagram - Bitchute - Rob Watt's YouTube channel: Nature's Wild Berry channel: TFC's YouTube channel: Xu MMA's new channel: Grappz channel: Trevor Smith's Instagram: Sean McDonald's Instagram: Won BJJ YouTube channel: Kirara (Qi La La)'s channel: Cohost Rob's Jaybird Coffee here: Disclaimer: this channel is not meant to replace actual instruction. We are an entertainment/discussion/parody channel meant to celebrate and also make light of martial arts. Please go train with an accredited school or gym. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for whatever happens to you in a fight or in training. Subscribe for more #martialarts! #fightcommentary Royalty-free music from YouTube Audio Library: I use music from Bensounds often too: The pen tool I use when making annotations: