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  • 29 июн. 2019 г.

  • I share my top three NoFap superpowers after almost one year of NoFap. NoFap has changed my life for the better, and it's fun for me to make these videos to help you get off this destructive habit. If you'd like support me, follow these links: -Patreon (Monthly) - -SubscribeStar (Monthly) - -PayPal (One Time Donations) – -My Amazon affiliate link (clicking this link before placing your Amazon order gives me a commission): -Download the Brave Browser app (I use this myself, it's awesome) If you wish to follow me, I am active on these social media channels: -Pinterest - -Minds - -Linkedin - -Here is my website. You can reach me here for life coaching:


  • Dan Solo TV
    Dan Solo TV Год назад

    Thought you were younger bro. Looking good for 34 man.

  • Chrisss Jaay!!
    Chrisss Jaay!! Год назад

    Thought you were 26-29 Looking bro Stay focused Fellas

  • 🙋🏼‍♂️
    🙋🏼‍♂️ Год назад

    34?! Dude, I thought you were in your early twenties, thinking what this kid knows about life to be a life coach.

  • Nyambe Glen
    Nyambe Glen Год назад

    I'm on day 333

    FAYYADH K Год назад

    I just started my journey of no fap 4 days ago after I found out about this channel and the content had made me feel like I shouldn't give up after I lost myself in a miserable situation such as anxieties. Thank you for such great videos and I really hope my journey would probably become the greatest after watching your videos 👍🏻😁

  • Ivo Celtic
    Ivo Celtic Год назад

    when everyone stops watching porn, we create a happier world where there is more attention for each other within the relationship, there would be much fewer divorces.

  • Exelmans
    Exelmans Год назад

    You just feel good. The low are even high compare to before.

  • Robert Riplinger
    Robert Riplinger Год назад

    14 days, 4 hrs. Yeah.

  • Avidelux
    Avidelux Год назад

    What I have found so far, for me there really are no benefits from just stopping P and M, the noticible benefits are dependent on retention for me

    JUNO FREEZE Год назад

    I'm on day 26. Watching these types of nofap videos is conditioning me to not fap. But, now i have more time and i dont know what to do with it

  • Sora Zaleski
    Sora Zaleski Год назад

    Tried it last year reached day 85. Now starting again, day 3!

  • Avidelux
    Avidelux Год назад

    Someone told you, you have incredible eyes? No homo, but really intense!

  • David He
    David He Год назад

    Do you feel that stoicism has help you get through nofap?

  • O Kal
    O Kal Год назад

    Looking great in

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Год назад

    I relapsed from your beard 😩👌🏼🤣 jk

  • Ricky Bell
    Ricky Bell Год назад

    Jesus you look good for 34 man! Thought you were 10 years younger 😅

  • Yuchen Deng
    Yuchen Deng Год назад

    Great videos man, keep it up.

  • b.cage
    b.cage Год назад

    Im om day 5.

  • Progressor X
    Progressor X Год назад

    I'm subbing bro I followed you keto weight loss tips and lost 20 pounds in 2 months not much. But it was lazy diet and still loss a substantial amount of weight. From 250lb to 227lb heading to my ideal goal weight 205lb thanks man taking this into consideration strongly.

  • Azam Skill
    Azam Skill Год назад

    female attraction xD