My Secret AdMYrer (The Trailer) Скачать

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  • 4 июл. 2016 г.

  • This is the trailer for my new movie "My Secret AdMYrer" COMING SOON. Shot in DC, MD and Ft. Lauderdale. Starring the talented songtress: Nina Shawn McCoy Jacob McClennan, Kenya Lewis, Sean McClennan. Featuring: Jamaul Silvera, Dana Tolson-Blake, Mikea Monae, Cosmo, Shellie Stevenson, Michael Koger II, Deandre "All Drae" Canady, Nico Coles, Khloe Thompson, Nia Monroe, Rendell Keith, Neyah Miah, Terrence Meadows.


  • Miles Joyner
    Miles Joyner 4 года назад

    Ah shit, 100 films with another one. Thumbs up just from that preview disclaimer alone lol. Can't wait for the premiere

  • L. Starnes4
    L. Starnes4 3 года назад

    The ending has a great twist your not expecting!

  • Jai
    Jai 4 года назад

    When is this movie coming out?