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  • 4 июн. 2011 г.

  • as I promised, Pyro, enjooooy


  • Chandler potter
    Chandler potter 4 года назад

    does this song make anyone else emotional?

  • Justin Alves
    Justin Alves 3 года назад

    My mom recently committed suicide. This was in her playlist and it just kind of breaks me right now. She'll always be my cornerstone.

  • Flame lol
    Flame lol 1 месяц назад

    This song is so bitter-sweet. It makes you want to cry but at the same time, it's not enough for you to actually cry. It's perfectly imperfect.

  • Will Quick
    Will Quick 2 года назад

    Single book of matches gonna burn what's standing in the way

  • Andrea O.
    Andrea O. 7 лет назад

    Watch her roll, want your love or watch her run? :| ??

  • Kay Chaloner
    Kay Chaloner Год назад

    Its been a long time since ive dared too listen too kol.. It still reminds me of the good times and the bad times.. I miss you x

  • Aniket Sinha
    Aniket Sinha 6 лет назад

    Best band in the world!!

  • Will.I.Am.7
    Will.I.Am.7 Год назад

    Good bar tune for a Saturday Night.

  • Samantha hallmark
    Samantha hallmark Год назад

    It reminds me of some Irish bands.Heavy steady percussion emotional moods.Its good.I have jumped on the kings of Leon band

  • cesare julius
    cesare julius 2 недели назад

    really beautiful song, one my fvs king's of leon!

  • SillyChicka xoxo
    SillyChicka xoxo Неделю назад

    I always thought the song was what is wrong...😂oops I was singing the words wrong the entire time

  • SandyTheMaster
    SandyTheMaster 6 лет назад

    I had a dog named Pyro in my teenaged years, and this song reminds me of him now

  • Mandy Atkinson
    Mandy Atkinson 4 года назад

    No matter how many times I see otherwise, I will always think, watch her burn! I know I'm wrong but its what I hear!

  • S M M
    S M M 1 месяц назад

    If my shoes right on ur face let me know that roll.

  • Naomi VR
    Naomi VR 8 лет назад

    I got the little book thatwas in the CD when i bought it. There its been typed exactly as how it is in my video, i doubt the book is wrong. If you guys dont believe me ill make a picture of it or something and post it.

  • Tamara Rolón
    Tamara Rolón 5 лет назад

    Terribles genios!!!!! me encanta

    JOHNSON 4 года назад

    emotional one .. and ive heard "want your love" ....ROFL

  • Marta clavero
    Marta clavero 8 лет назад

    I want say it's what's your love? can you feel it?

  • Lyssa Tejero
    Lyssa Tejero 8 лет назад


  • paulinaz87
    paulinaz87 8 лет назад

    they are a very important part of music history