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  • 17 нояб. 2018 г.

  • A television appearance from when I visited New Zealand. It was nice and warm, but going through customs is very special... Visit my website for tour dates! Follow me on social media: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:


  • Juha Leskinen
    Juha Leskinen Год назад

    Stop saying he doesn't have new jokes, go and pay to see him. There is plenty of new material and I'm sure it takes some time also make new material and test them etc. This is just a free material for us so stop complaining.

  • Iam Notevenanumber
    Iam Notevenanumber Год назад

    He is telling jokes to the audience, not to youtube.

  • raafmaat
    raafmaat Год назад

    Even just his "Hello" at the very start, is funnier than most comedians complete set!

  • Abdirazak Ali
    Abdirazak Ali Год назад

    I am from Africa and we have alot to thank you for Ismo 😂😂😂😂

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Год назад

    Wish he'd told the time zone joke he told in Finnish. Flying from US to NZ you lose one day,

  • As D
    As D Год назад

    New jokes? These jokes are an act and people pay to go see them. Of course these are repeated to different audience - and not aimed to youtube where people can say exactly this "where da new jokes at?" 😄 I mean come on, he is genious! Like someone said even saying his name is more funnier than some comedians whole set!

  • Jamal Ben Hmed
    Jamal Ben Hmed Год назад

    That africa joke kill me every time

  • Wong Joman
    Wong Joman Год назад

    That "Africa starvation" stereotype is also used by my Indonesian mom....🤣

  • 6548R
    6548R Год назад

    You know you have a good set when you say "Hello" and a bunch of the audience laughs.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад

    Ungrateful people demanding new jokes, go be a comedian yourself and see how many GOOD jokes you come up with. Sheesh!

  • Oscar Marroquin
    Oscar Marroquin Год назад

    I don't think people know how hard it is to come up with material

  • Linmi22
    Linmi22 Год назад

    I'm just discovering ISMO's smart humor. Love it!

  • Pat Dixon
    Pat Dixon Год назад

    Ismo is so funny and clever and endearing. I l saw him for the first time tonight and was really taken with his comedy. He sort of reminds me of Andy Kaufman, a comic genius who died many years ago of lung cancer. Ismo has the same sense of irony and brilliance.

  • Francesco Marelli
    Francesco Marelli Год назад

    " If you'd like to see more, go click on something " OMG I died, I'm laughing so hard I can barely type these words

  • paulparoma
    paulparoma 11 месяцев назад

    "Inglis is mai sekönd länkuits." It's a classic and thus priceless! Ismo, you are one funny and talented Finn! Who knew?!..;)

  • Ataipo Kingdom
    Ataipo Kingdom Год назад

    Ismo, my inspiration and mentor..... Every time I access on to your video, its like fresh & funny... Never bored of your jokes...... I am Mr. Zol , Comedian from NE India...

  • Co Robertco
    Co Robertco Год назад

    "It's great to be here."

  • Arm Wrestling Strong Man
    Arm Wrestling Strong Man Год назад

    Ismo looks like Theo von is wearing his own face over his face.

  • DG
    DG Год назад

    Ismo is a frikkin Legend

  • Georgi Atanasov
    Georgi Atanasov Год назад

    Is there any ISMO DVD in English purchasable somewhere? :)