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  • 28 сент. 2017 г.

  • Break-ups are a complicated thing and can lead to a roller coaster of emotions. How guys act after a break-up goes from the realizing stage to the break-up blues. Here are the five different stages of how guys act after a break-up. Join the tinyBIGteam: Like and share us on FACEBOOK @tinybigscreen Keep up with TBS on INSTAGRAM @tinybigscreen Read our thoughts on TWITTER @sahilsharda @thejassibajwa Background Music: JDSYN Outro Music by: L-Fresh The Lion


  • femininegrowth
    femininegrowth 2 года назад

    So pretty much the backwards/reversed version of girls lol

  • Se A
    Se A 2 года назад

    That's why it takes like ages for guys to come back...but at that stage is too late, because the girl has moved on LOL

  • A True Love Official
    A True Love Official 2 года назад

    ''You never know what you had, until you lose it'' this is true. Men are the one who seem to move on faster than women but in reality they become emotionally depressed after realizing they lost their girlfriend.

  • Jim kenouryios
    Jim kenouryios 2 года назад

    Good luck to everyone finding your dream husband or wife .

  • Alexa
    Alexa 2 года назад

    Damn I hope my ex boyfriend doesn't take that long to come back because I kind of still hope he will but I think when he finally gets to this stage, I will already be over him...

  • BIRDS !
    BIRDS ! Год назад

    This was the most satisfying thing i watched since i broke up with my boyfriend 5 days ago.

  • Henry Adams
    Henry Adams 2 года назад

    I think the biggest issue with losing your ex is if she was a quality woman and you got lucky landing her in the first place. So now you're thinking man I don't have options and I was lucky to get that one girl who liked me for who I am and now I will never get that because all the other girls are just mediocre or bad. I don't know how any pep talk or spirituality could rectify that.

  • Rosso.
    Rosso. Год назад (изменено)

    My ex broke up with me abruptly a month ago after being together for 3 years; he said he wasn't able to feel deeply enough for me. I am so broken, i don't wish this pain and agony upon anyone. Despite what happened there's still a part of me which is clinging on to hope that one day he may come back. But i don't know if this video applies to him.. Since he admitted he does not love me as much. But 3 years of memories, that's intense. A couple days ago i saw a photo of him kissing one of his school friends, i'm sure they're dating now. Ugh idk how to feel i'm just a ball of emotions. I know it sounds selfish but i just want him to miss me and come back..

  • bimos Rex
    bimos Rex Год назад

    When she start to forgot him he start to love her its always like that

  • Jivitesh Vijeshwar
    Jivitesh Vijeshwar 2 года назад

    Hahahah it is awesome bro but u forgot the alcohol stage and gym stage

  • Melanie Martinez Covers
    Melanie Martinez Covers 2 года назад

    My ex come back after 1.5 year when i just moved on with someone , y he realise so late . So dear guys come back before it's too late .

  • Timtam Walnut
    Timtam Walnut Год назад (изменено)

    That's true after I moved on it was around after a year, he came back asking if we can go back to each other(he's the one that left me from the beginning). I was like who are you again? I totally had a different life and some other special important person in my life.😅 At the beginning of the break up I stayed around 9 months depressed and sick. I even stalked him and tried speaking to him to come back ( he left with no meaningful reason) I tried around 5 to 6 times. Later after a long time, I gave up seeing there's no hope and that he has totally forgotten about me. I snapped out of my misery and moved on. I started accomplishing all my goals and wishes. I loved myself and lived my life to to the fullest. My life was going on all as planned and good till one day he sent me a text message saying hi and for two weeks trying to open up conversations then it ended with can we go back to each other. 😅I was like listen bro we can be friends not more. My feelings really have changed towards him. It's like I never even loved him. I guess because I got so much harmed that I've turned null and into a selfish person. I really do love myself.

  • KT LoveBTS
    KT LoveBTS 7 месяцев назад

    It’s so weird, when girls want to patch things up at the start, guys aren’t into and by the time the guys realise and want to patch things up, girls have moved on and long gonee

  • Omar Zaki Vlogs
    Omar Zaki Vlogs Год назад

    Keep up guys nice

  • UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN
    UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN 2 года назад

    “I thought I heard a noise outside”

  • Imran Gandu Pakistan ka Pandu
    Imran Gandu Pakistan ka Pandu 2 года назад

    It took me 4 years to move on from an ex. It sucks man.

  • Trissa Maine
    Trissa Maine Год назад

    My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago, it still hurts and I miss him so much. I’m trying to move on, but for some reason I can’t let go. He was never a bad boyfriend and treated me so good, it’s hard letting go of someone you love so much.

  • TSquared52
    TSquared52 2 года назад

    I feel like I am an outlier on this stuff. When a girl breaks up w/ me, I cry a lot. Usually for a week at most. I don't hide my feelings. When people ask if I'm fine I say, "No, but I will be. Eventually." This works so much better than just going out and pretending everything is ok.

  • I B
    I B Год назад

    and girls begin with crying and end up on party's😅wauw..

  • lou b
    lou b 2 года назад

    5 months after the break up, my ex basically texted me the same thing he tweeted. LOL