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  • 15 нояб. 2018 г.

  • The mud is here and the horses seem to love rolling in it! This is Gala, he's now 23 so getting on a bit. He doesn't do much so only has front shoes on. He has sensitive feet so you will notice that I quickly tack one on so he doesn't have to stand barefoot on the concrete for too long. Podcast PLEASE READ THE FAQ's BEFORE POSTING!! 1: Hot shoeing ensures a good fit. 2: No, it doesn't hurt the horse if it's shod correctly by a qualified registered person. 3: The horse is calm because it has been trained from birth to know there is nothing to fear. 4: The majority of horses these days are worked either under saddle or in harness and on hard man made surfaces, shoes protect the feet from wearing down too much and can add grip via studs in the shoes for competition animals. 5: Feral horses have particularly hard feet and manage them naturally by foraging. 6: The average horse needs re-shoeing every 6-8 weeks 7: The bit I am nailing to has no nerves and is made of Keratin, the same as your finger nails and hair. 8: The burning smells just like burning hair. Filmed with GoPro Hero5 black Camcorder #GaryHuston #Blacksmithing #Farrier #ASMR #Horseshoeing #Fabrication #Ironwork #Hoofcare #welder #repairs #horse #farriery #engineering