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  • 11 окт. 2015 г.

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  • Shamic Entertainment
    Shamic Entertainment 4 года назад

    Umm this is quite false. I clearly remember reading in Matthew chapter 6 that I get a private resort and the new iPhone. Please stick to the source material next time.

  • Alex Movitz
    Alex Movitz 4 года назад

    Why the heaven would anyone want to file sins for eternity! That sounds like my own private hell.... And hell sounds like a little slice of heaven?

  • P.M.Télé
    P.M.Télé 4 года назад

    Hell is to heaven as heaven is to hell? what the hell? hahaha! i'll be in limbo if you're looking for me! haha

  • William G
    William G 4 года назад

    Um, all dogs go to heaven

  • jadedandbitter
    jadedandbitter 4 года назад

    Every time I see this I keep wishing the devil was James Ashby instead, lol

  • buttercrap
    buttercrap 4 года назад

    Finally one not about relationships, rejoice!

  • CodeXIX
    CodeXIX 4 года назад

    Nice to see you guys back after so long. Awesome and original sketch too, it was very funny. If you guys upload this frequently I could see your channel getting really big, keep up the good work!

  • Óskar Ingólfsson
    Óskar Ingólfsson 4 года назад

    That was really funny

  • Ezra Farrant
    Ezra Farrant 4 года назад

    Well, I hope he'll has plenty of house left, I want myself a dog god dam It! I mean, darn it.....

  • Dogsteeves
    Dogsteeves 4 года назад

    Heaven I already have the ticket

  • Walker Smith
    Walker Smith 4 года назад

    Rats plenty if rats XD

  • donzaloog1400
    donzaloog1400 4 года назад

    All the cool people are in hell anyway.

  • Rufus Jones
    Rufus Jones 4 года назад

    Saint Catherine is seriously HOT!

  • mrmongo673
    mrmongo673 4 года назад

    good stuff!

  • Zack Sadler
    Zack Sadler 2 года назад

    love you Lydia!

  • Leo Sun
    Leo Sun 4 года назад

    Lol loved this moar pls

  • Tsuna Sawada
    Tsuna Sawada 4 года назад

    Still waiting for plumber 3

  • STM
    STM 2 года назад

    Hell yea! Hell is the best! all the meat comes from the undead and there's no climate change in hell so I won't have to feel bad about it or avoid cheese.

  • Fuck Islam and Muslims
    Fuck Islam and Muslims 2 года назад


  • Artem Glue
    Artem Glue 4 года назад