Hailee Steinfeld, BloodPop® - Capital Letters (Behind The Scenes) Скачать

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  • 8 мая 2018 г.

  • Capital Letters (Behind The Scenes) Song available on the Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack https://FiftyShadesFreed.lnk.to/sndtrkYD Fifty Shades Freed (http://www.fiftyshadesmovie.com) DIGITAL HD – OUT NOW! 4K ULTRA HD, BLU-RAY & DVD – OUT NOW! Follow Hailee Steinfeld: Instagram - http://instagram.com/haileesteinfeld Twitter - http://twitter.com/haileesteinfeld Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/haileesteinfeld Follow BloodPop®: Website - http://bloodpop.com Spotify - http://smarturl.it/BloodPop_Spotify Facebook - http://smarturl.it/BloodPop_Facebook Twitter - http://smarturl.it/BloodPop_Twitter Instagram - http://smarturl.it/BloodPop_Instagram Soundcloud - http://smarturl.it/BloodPop_Soundcloud BTS Directed by Taylor Gillem BTS Produced by Benno Nelson For Yes Equals Yes Music video by Hailee Steinfeld, BloodPop® performing Capital Letters. © 2018 Universal Studios http://vevo.ly/JJqHcA


  • Jessica x
    Jessica x 9 месяцев назад

    Imagine her as Anastasia Steele 😮

  • Kenneth Fajardo
    Kenneth Fajardo 2 года назад

    No one's perf...

  • Varsha Srinivasan
    Varsha Srinivasan 2 года назад

    I absolutely love this song from the second I heard it.

  • Mạnh Lê
    Mạnh Lê 2 года назад

    Hailee is so beautiful

  • barbz
    barbz 2 года назад

    I love this song but it’s a little too late to post this, isn’t it?

  • Saumya Shrestha
    Saumya Shrestha 2 года назад

    I need Trey Baxter in my life

  • Jhonatan Sales
    Jhonatan Sales 2 года назад

    Oh my god, my girl Hailee. ❤

  • Katleya Andrea Balitaan
    Katleya Andrea Balitaan 2 года назад

    I love Hailee, no questions asked.😍 But I'm still dead curious on who that gorgeous man is.🤔😳

  • Rose Anna
    Rose Anna 2 года назад

    I definitely loved this song! 😍

  • Deepblackice
    Deepblackice 2 года назад

    wanted a longer behind the scenes video!

  • Kasturima Rajkhowa
    Kasturima Rajkhowa Год назад (изменено)

    That's the same hotel/mansion where Beyoncé's Haunted was shot

  • Mirka Fernanda Sánchez Hermosillo
    Mirka Fernanda Sánchez Hermosillo 2 года назад

    Hermosa Hailee.

  • Roxanne Andrea
    Roxanne Andrea 4 месяца назад

    This should’ve been its own movie as well 😍 the cinematography in this mv is breathtaking

  • Ilse Leal
    Ilse Leal 2 года назад


  • Anna Namyotova
    Anna Namyotova 5 месяцев назад

    my favorite music video and singer :)

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. Год назад

    What makes any of you think I want just one!!

  • Mary Acenas
    Mary Acenas Год назад

    Hailee and the song= Perfection! 😍❤

  • K K
    K K Год назад

    she is so sweet & beautiful 😩💕

  • valeria erazo
    valeria erazo Год назад

    Quiero parte 4 de 50 sombrass 💗💗😭😭😭

  • Roxanne Andrea
    Roxanne Andrea 5 месяцев назад

    our queen killing it 😍