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  • 30 мая 2017 г.

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  • Jada Paul
    Jada Paul 3 года назад


  • zackia daniels
    zackia daniels 3 года назад

    im a new subcriber and i really enjoy your vlogs !

  • Kiara Hale
    Kiara Hale 3 года назад

    You are so cute!!! Deji did so well love it! Xx

  • Simply BT's
    Simply BT's 3 года назад

    I love seeing babies move in the belly!!! enjoy all of it sis 😍😄

  • ItsSashAye
    ItsSashAye 3 года назад


  • Adrienne's Life
    Adrienne's Life 3 года назад

    love your vlogs! please vlog more! 😀

  • Niecy pooh
    Niecy pooh 3 года назад

    seconds LOL hey boo

  • Tracy Harvey
    Tracy Harvey 3 года назад


  • Khadija Kweli
    Khadija Kweli 3 года назад

    hey brit...you look so beautiful and the belly is growing so nicely LOL! I'm glad to see your appetite has finally returned fully. Second and third trimester is definitely better except the bigger belly when trying to lay down. Enjoy these last moments before baby arrives! I passed by our old job and thought about you, I swear I expect to see the old crew there but I know everyone has moved on. sending love and light your way sweetie. ❤❤❤