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  • 24 мая 2019 г.

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  • Laila Tahri
    Laila Tahri Год назад


  • Yasmine Zeroukhi
    Yasmine Zeroukhi Год назад

    You look like Alicia Keys

  • Dimpy Kana
    Dimpy Kana Год назад

    You look a lot like Alicia Keys. Love the look!

  • Nejma
    Nejma Год назад

    Randomly just clicked on this video and am so happy😂💕 New subscriber❤

  • Gee Shumba
    Gee Shumba Год назад

    Am I the only one getting Alicia Keys vibes from her?

  • Melva Moodie
    Melva Moodie Год назад

    Laila this is such a gorgeous look, including the earrings. Yes let's see your brother also on your videos

  • Thal Lu
    Thal Lu Год назад

    Thank you for sharing this. Show use your Eid oufit please !

  • Nida R
    Nida R Год назад

    This look is so amazing am surely going to do on my face! And it matches my outfit for eid

  • The Erika Hub
    The Erika Hub Год назад

    Such a beautiful look!! I love the idea of tutorial and vlog!

  • Makeup 'n' beauty Complications123

    Wow. You are so so gorgeous and amazing at your vids hun ♡♡

  • Noor Farihah
    Noor Farihah Год назад

    Is it just me or do you look like Alicia Keys?

  • Petite Etoile
    Petite Etoile 10 месяцев назад

    Beautiful 😍😍

  • Mosi Robinson
    Mosi Robinson Год назад

    Oh my word this look is beautiful!!

  • Souma mortah
    Souma mortah Год назад

    شنو احسن فونديشن للبشرة المختلطة؟؟؟؟

  • Salma Saloum
    Salma Saloum Год назад

    مشتركة جديدة ❤❤


    Your face is so symmetrical! Natural beauty 💕

  • Nadeem Shaikh
    Nadeem Shaikh Год назад

    Wow so beutifull eyes

  • meryouma
    meryouma Год назад

    الله يبارك على ذيك الزين لي عطاك ربي😍😘. اول مرة نشوفك و ماشي اخر مرة. مشتركة جديدة من الجزائر

  • Pria Lootsma
    Pria Lootsma Год назад

    Welk merk beauty blender gebruik je? 🥰

  • lady k
    lady k Год назад

    Beautiful but this is a wedding day tutorial lol. Even on my wedding I didn't have that much makeup. Stunning tho! X