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  • 6 сент. 2008 г.

  • Solveig's Song by Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Jack Ligny
    Jack Ligny 3 года назад (изменено)

    I have lived 25 years in Norway, the picture above is from Sognefjord, and somewhere up in those mountains above this fjord I owned a cabin, quite isolated, with an equal magnificent view...and when I hear this music, Grieg's music, tears come in my eyes, never, anyway to me, there has been music written so close in relation with this magnificent nature, Solveig's song, Morning Mood...Takk skal du ha, Heuvelsland.

  • MightySarolfTV
    MightySarolfTV 3 года назад

    My grandfather loved this music very much. He always had to cry when he listenes to Peer Gynt, because he remembered a certain girl, who died in World War II.

  • Christie Beck
    Christie Beck 3 года назад

    One of my favorite power metal songs was inspired by this piece. "Forever" by Kamelot.

  • cb west
    cb west 4 года назад

    I went on vacation to Norway this summer. The most beautiful country I've ever seen and problably will see. Endless kilometers of nature without people ruining it! The landscape is mysterious and touches your soul without doubt. I also went to the places were Grieg wrote his music and you see his music in the landscape.

  • Broseidonite
    Broseidonite 2 года назад (изменено)

    "Will you be there waiting by the gates of dawn when I close my eyes forever?"

  • Stuart Alexander
    Stuart Alexander 4 года назад

    Used to play this piece with my dad as a specially arranged duet about 30 years ago.Plan to play it out tonight live as a solo in memory of my dad who has been gone 14 years this week.

  • vermodertefee
    vermodertefee 10 лет назад

    I´m a metalhead too but i really love this song and my daughter´s name is Solveig. A wonderful name for a wonderful person :-)

  • dreamofmelancholy
    dreamofmelancholy 4 года назад

    Who in the world dislikes this?

  • Luis Tixta
    Luis Tixta 5 лет назад

    Every since I heard "forever" by Kamelot for the first time the melodie kind of took me to another place... just today I discovered this magnificent piece of music and I must say it blows my mind to hear every single note. Awesome!

  • Ghassan Succaria
    Ghassan Succaria 5 лет назад

    if this were the military march, war would surely come to end

  • excelsior2511
    excelsior2511 4 года назад

    I am paying a lot more attention to Grieg. I think he is overlooked, and there is a vast landscape to explore.

  • huppsig
    huppsig 4 года назад

    Will you revive from the chaos in my mind

  • Carlos R Canas
    Carlos R Canas 3 года назад

    Perhaps there will go both winter and spring,

  • holisticmaya
    holisticmaya 5 лет назад

    I cry every time I hear this piece of enchanting music. 

  • Violetta Àgnes Szász
    Violetta Àgnes Szász 4 года назад

    My beloved Norway. .

  • vadh87
    vadh87 Год назад

    kamelot - forever :)

  • 장원
    장원 2 года назад

    This was my mom's favorite music. But now she is in heaven...

  • MrsAdely
    MrsAdely 7 лет назад

    Mein absoluter Grieg-Favorit! ♥ *Lieber Grieg statt Krieg*

  • AngelSusie57
    AngelSusie57 7 месяцев назад

    Wow, this selection of music brings oceans of feelings to me. It is so beautiful.

  • Sinchi Pak
    Sinchi Pak 6 лет назад

    This music and song touches my soul for missing my beloved one.