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  • Прямой эфир: 21 нояб. 2018 г.

  • Don't panic yet, if you missed this huge YouTube event!


  • Reid Eichner
    Reid Eichner Год назад

    Your boys are pretty awesome! Keep doing what you are doing, Jim. They will grow up very productive guys!!

  • Solid Rock Machine Shop Inc.
    Solid Rock Machine Shop Inc. Год назад

    Hi Jim,

  • Marla White
    Marla White Год назад

    Sure enjoyed meeting u there!!!

  • diggerop
    diggerop Год назад

    After viewing Stan's little production, I really wished I could have been there. Life & circumstances. Just like my intent to get to the Bash for the last three years. At least I was able to get to Mr. Pete's event this year.

  • John Reisbeck
    John Reisbeck Год назад

    It was a fantastic get together and a great pleasure meeting you and so many others. Looking forward to next years Good of the Land. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

  • Tray Paul
    Tray Paul Год назад (изменено)

    Even if folks can't attend the Good of the Land event, a visit to the Old Mill Pond Museum is well worth the effort. Justin is a wonderful host.

    ROBRENZ Год назад

    Enjoyed Jim!

  • MikeBramm
    MikeBramm Год назад

    Cool stuff. I wish I could have gone down to Texas with you guys. That would have been a blast. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Shadon HKW
    Shadon HKW Год назад

    Do-Rite Fabrication, Do-Right Fabrication ...... Do-rite ...... Fabrication .....

  • J J
    J J Год назад

    wat were the best parts