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  • 8 окт. 2019 г.

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  • Tony Navas
    Tony Navas Год назад

    Girlfriend: whisper something sexy to me.

  • Larry Dillard
    Larry Dillard Год назад

    whoever or whatever told you to do this need to be slapped

  • B AJ
    B AJ Год назад

    can u make a non-ASMR version

  • Simon Timbers
    Simon Timbers Год назад

    I thought he was gonna like rub credit cards together or something

  • Diane Tran
    Diane Tran Год назад

    I muted & read the captions 😬

  • Spencer | Sweis12
    Spencer | Sweis12 Год назад

    I dont like asmr. I work in a loud facility and i listen to 8 hours of videos a day on my headphones. I cant hear these videos even with the volume on max .....

  • Lawane Boukar
    Lawane Boukar Год назад

    Great video! But that Whole ASMR thing was giving me headache. Please don’t do it again!

  • Jazmin Bautista
    Jazmin Bautista Год назад

    The best way to take advantage of your points are for TRAVEL!!! I learned that from you Brian, awesome video :)

  • Gary Blouin
    Gary Blouin Год назад

    Honestly, that must have been difficult to do.

  • Dannee Boy
    Dannee Boy Год назад

    “Find a group of asians” Hahahahahaha.

  • Jazmin Bautista
    Jazmin Bautista Год назад

    A late payment is like scrapping your knees and in a couple months you're left with a nasty scar. I SMASHED THE LIKE BUTTON!

  • Josh Caughman
    Josh Caughman Год назад

    In tears.. 😂😂😂😂LOL

  • The Survivalist
    The Survivalist Год назад (изменено)

    Pay Minimum $35 per $1000 of limit!

  • Jazzy Fitmom
    Jazzy Fitmom Год назад

    Brian i usually leave some small amount on my credit to show that I’m using it regularly... I heard like 1-3% is good. What’s your opinion?

  • Crypto BabyBrains
    Crypto BabyBrains Год назад

    Loved it! Lol now I've actually seen an ASMR vid. Thanks B. 😂

  • The Coin Alley
    The Coin Alley Год назад

    Love it!! Keep it going, don't listen to the naysayer.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Год назад

    Good on you for experimenting with new things bro. Not my cup of tea but I respect the attempt.

  • Tina Nguyen
    Tina Nguyen Год назад

    Loved the ASMR. It was great for my neck and back pain as it’s raining.

  • Steve Luistro - Financial and Life Tips

    I'm making a video like this coming this week on my channel. You beat me to it! haha.

  • Octavia Ragland
    Octavia Ragland 7 месяцев назад