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  • 14 сент. 2019 г.

  • Dear Johnnies this week sees us trying to help out a lad who's with a girl he really likes but can't stand that she smokes... What would you do? We discuss all... Listen to the full podcast here: Subscribe to our channel (It's Free!) to get notified of all our latest videos by clicking this link: Get tickets, merch and more at: FACEBOOOK: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: SNAPCHAT: SOUNDCLOUD: ITUNES: SPOTIFY:


  • kt jib
    kt jib Год назад

    All the 12 year olds walking round town vaping thinking they're unreal 😂

  • Cian McKenna
    Cian McKenna Год назад (изменено)

    Who's this hot Instagram model who smokes lads?

  • night shade
    night shade Год назад

    sure Michael your only shifting her

  • Jodie Marie
    Jodie Marie Год назад

    “It wasnt even the lying... it was just the smoking”😂🔥

  • joe gleeson
    joe gleeson Год назад

    Smacks shur i seen u with a vape der on instagrams dont even try and deny it

  • Devin O'Connor
    Devin O'Connor Год назад (изменено)

    If she smokes, she pokes

  • Big Bollox
    Big Bollox Год назад (изменено)

    Not everybody had sky that time

  • Veronica Blum
    Veronica Blum Год назад

    I've never tried it and never will. Yuck!!

  • David Mcguire
    David Mcguire 3 дня назад

    Lads I have a problem my irish teacher said she nows johny Smacks but I thinks she is bull

  • Dean O Rourke
    Dean O Rourke Год назад


  • margaret rattigan
    margaret rattigan Год назад

    Are those 2 strands of hair Johnny b has sticking out annoying anyone else 😂

  • Louis Hayden
    Louis Hayden Год назад

    Howye johnnys?

  • jack Feeney
    jack Feeney Год назад

    At the back of the school the lads do go smoking i don't mam would kill ne

  • Kevin Anthony Begley
    Kevin Anthony Begley Год назад

    I would love if the two johnnies went to everey county in Ireland im from Donegal

  • ED mm
    ED mm Год назад

    Could never be with someone who smokes. Aghhh

  • Jack Power
    Jack Power Год назад

    Full backs didn’t mention them when ye where listening the smokers

  • Dodge76
    Dodge76 Год назад

    Eldery Males have a high% of smokers , young females are high also

  • Charlie Flood
    Charlie Flood Год назад


  • SK 01
    SK 01 Год назад

    Smoking is relaxing

  • Podge Bucko
    Podge Bucko Год назад