Calling My HACKER BOYFRIEND Spy In Florida? CHAD & VY Riddle Decoder Wheel Скачать

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  • 13 дек. 2018 г.

  • I’m investigating my boyfriend because I think he secretly joined Project Zorgo to become a YouTuber Hacker and spy on Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Matt and Rebecca Zamolo, Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer (the Sacred Six). I found evidence that my boyfriend went to Florida to the Game Master Escape Room Game Mansion, but is he there as a spy, a hacker, a detective or a ninja? If I’m going to win this battle against Project Zorgo, I might need a new spy kit like Chad & Vy's Ninja kit with decoder wheel. I should also get a spy pen and lie detector kit! This is all becoming way too mysterious! I need to get my Detective hat on and find more clues to be sure! Will you help me solve these riddles and codes to uncover this mystery? Check out the Chad & Vy Decoder wheel here ▶ Keep Up To Date With The Hacker News Marathon Other channels who have been targeted too: Vy Qwaint - FOUND a HIDDEN SECRET NOTE From YOUTUBE HACKER - Abandoned Evidence of PROJECT ZORGO ▶︎ Stephen Sharer - GGAME MASTER 24 HOUR OVERNIGHT ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE in SECRET HIDEOUT! (Chad Wild Clay goes Missing) ▶︎ Chad Wild Clay - FOUND PROJECT ZORGO APPLE WATCH & EVIDENCE of MISSING DANIEL (Exploring Abandoned Clues & Riddles) ▶︎ Daniel Lie Detector Guy - FOUND PROJECT ZORGO MYSTERIOUS MASK (Trapped In Abandoned Escape Room with Riddles in real life) ▶︎ Rebecca Zamolo - FOUND GAME MASTER Top Secret ESCAPE ROOM Mansion! (Exploring Mysterious Hidden Clues in Real Life) ▶︎ Lizzy Sharer - 24 HOUR CHALLENGE AT MY BOYFRIENDS HOUSE!! (HE HAD NO IDEA) ▶︎ DO NOT PRESS ⚠️ Unless you want to become a KUNICORN🦄 This is a family-friendly kids channel 😃 PG recommended for younger viewers.