Bhangda Pa | Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Remo D'Souza | Sannthosh Choreography Скачать

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  • 10 окт. 2016 г.

  • Movie Name... A Flying Jatt Song Name... Bhangda Pa #Sannthosh #AFlyingJatt #BhangdaPa #TigerShroff #JacquelineFernandez #RemoDSouza #Dance #Choreography #Bollywood #SannthoshKonathala #SannthoshChoreography #SantoshKonathalaSK ========================================================================== Sannthosh Choreographer & Dance Instructor # Coached dance in India & Hong Kong # Currently residing and coaching dance in Vietnam # Established The SK DanceMania International for dance training classes, workshops & performances worldwide ^ Regular dance classes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ^ Special dance workshops in Vietnam ^ Worldwide overseas dance workshops ^ Wedding & event dance performance choreography ***** Booking Inquiries: Call +84 (0) 916529549 or Email ****** Follow: + Facebook Page - + Instagram Account - @sannthoshkonathala + Twitter Account - @Sannthosh_Dance In this channel you can watch all my choreography which represent my passion and effort on dance. If you would like to know more about my class / workshop updates, you are welcome to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I hope you always stay tuned with me and thank you so much for your love and support! ==========================================================================


  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima 4 года назад

    if you dont mind please choreograph on suku suku plz plz

  • Swaroop Mannur
    Swaroop Mannur Год назад

    I liked ua dance ua coordination ua moves ua facial expressions on beats no words to define ua dance its awesome 👌👌👌

  • Balaji singh
    Balaji singh 3 года назад

    Santosh.. You are a great dancer, but you team also equally good dancers and they are in good sync with your dance..

  • MissUSATiff
    MissUSATiff 4 года назад

    I always love how you dance, Brings me more love to you 3 and gets me more to know what dance means to me :-D Helps me learn more dance moves ;-)

  • Bushra Butt
    Bushra Butt 4 года назад

    Ur dance always brings smile on my face sir stay blessed

  • Rakhi Surve
    Rakhi Surve 4 года назад

    such nice and energetic choreography. Enjoyed it. Do smile though.. I look forward for your videos now.

  • Diep Chi
    Diep Chi 4 года назад

    Wow. Amazing. My mood is better after watching it. Thank you.

  • Aarti Rajput
    Aarti Rajput 9 месяцев назад

    LOVING it ❤😘

  • Tanisha Chaudhary
    Tanisha Chaudhary 4 года назад

    this guy is filled with lot of the dance

  • sonu rajput
    sonu rajput 2 года назад

    i love it.... i love santosh ji👑💲💗💖💕💓❤💘😚😙💞

  • Diep Chi
    Diep Chi 3 года назад

    it's awesome.!

  • fatti tissi
    fatti tissi 4 года назад

    i liked the dance, amazing moves and great work

  • Thanh Nhan
    Thanh Nhan 4 года назад

    Really really strong guys did a great impression.

  • nethra N biradar
    nethra N biradar 3 года назад


  • Mouna Ben Ya Hia
    Mouna Ben Ya Hia 4 года назад

    like alwayse soooooooooo nice

  • Zee Shawn
    Zee Shawn 4 года назад

    mazzza agya 😀😀 bhangra style 😚😚😚 love you broh 😊😊

  • Manushi Rajput
    Manushi Rajput Год назад

    That's great!!!!

  • Anusha Abraham
    Anusha Abraham 3 года назад

    amazing ...I luved it..n u guys rocked it!

  • sonu rajput
    sonu rajput 2 года назад

    Sir aapse always kuch na kuch naya sikhne ko milta hai. Your bhangda style superb😉😊👍👌👏👭

  • Lokesh Jain
    Lokesh Jain 3 года назад

    u r the best 😘😘😘