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  • 18 окт. 2009 г.

  • There is another side to Groovy Dancing Girl.... Please follow the links inside the video (you'll see!) (Song is sung by Ella Fitzgerald)


  • กุนจิ XD
    กุนจิ XD 3 года назад

    Where r u now

  • BandyToaster
    BandyToaster 10 лет назад

    Solo Duet has been selected for the Dublin Fringe Festival!! thanks so much everyone for your support with it!

  • THEbohmie
    THEbohmie 7 лет назад

    Miss your videos.

  • point5past
    point5past 11 лет назад

    nice work, that was great! and thanks for pointing us to virtualcinema, i wasn't familiar with that channel before. cheers :)

  • Kyle Blake
    Kyle Blake 11 лет назад

    You can not only dance amazing but you sing amazingly as well 3 :)

  • noah phence
    noah phence 11 лет назад

    You are amazing : )

  • Kyo Hikaru MX
    Kyo Hikaru MX 11 лет назад

    Awesome!! XD I like very much this performance Sophie Merry X3, when u dance again?

  • Boris Tsolin
    Boris Tsolin 10 лет назад

    O_O awesome,that was your voice? O_O

  • MisterFunk23
    MisterFunk23 10 лет назад

    that is awesome love your voice... great job!

  • toni
    toni Год назад

    Please upload again

  • Jean Dotson
    Jean Dotson 11 лет назад

    you continue to amaze me. so much talent in one person!!! you can say you pretty much did it all..... good for you!

  • Mystiqueivy
    Mystiqueivy 2 недели назад

    I wish i could find her on insta!

  • Aloysius Soong
    Aloysius Soong 6 месяцев назад

    Wonder what happened since then. Updates please!

  • WinterFix
    WinterFix 11 лет назад

    Nice Vibs.. 5* and added

  • UTD111
    UTD111 11 лет назад

    You're really that Jordan woman aren't you LOL

  • DCamper
    DCamper 3 недели назад

    are you alive ?

  • s ss
    s ss Год назад

    Ватафак что я тут ..