Anatomy of Large Intestine (Structures and Walls) Скачать

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  • 22 мая 2018 г.

  • Content: - Parts of the Large Intestine : 0:23 - Caecum and the Appendix: 1:29 - Positions of the Appendix : 03:30 - Ascending Colon : 4:12 - Transverse Colon : 5:33 - Descending Colon : 8:20 - Sigmoid : 10:09 - Rectum : 11:00 - Wall of the Large Intestine : 12:42 ------------------------------------- Parts of Large intestine: Function of small intestine: Absorption of water and electrolytes. Caecum: - Holotopy of Caecum and appendix: Right inguinal region - Caecum about 6-8 cm long and 7-7,5 cm wide. - Has Ostium Ileale which is protected by Iliocecal valve Appendix Vermiformis (Worm Shape) - 2,4 cm long and 0,5 cm wide - Connected with Caecum with ostium appendix vermiformis Positions of appendix vermiform: - Caudal position (40-50%) - Medial position (17-20%) - Lateral position (17-20%) - Posterior position (9-13%) - Anterior position Ascending Colon: - Holotopia of the ascending colon: right lateral region and right hypochondriac region - Syntopia of ascending colon: Abdominal wall (anterior and laterally) Transverse abdominal muscle, musculus quadratus lumborum and right kidney (Posteriorly) - Curved and form Flexura coli dextra Transverse Colon - Goes from right colic flexure to flexura coli sinistra - Holotopy of transverse colon: Right hypochondriac region, umbilical region and left hypochondriac region - Sceletopy of transverse colon: between L1-L2 - Left colic flexure is higher than the right colic flexure because of ligamentum phrenicocolicum - Attached to posterior abdominal wall through mesocolon transverum. - Syntopia of transverse colon: Liver, Stomach and Spleen (Superior). Duodenum (posterior), Small intestines (inferior) Descending Colon: - Holotopy of descending colon lies in left lateral region - Syntopia of descending colon: mostly same as descending colon - Ascending and Descending colon are mesoperitoneal viscera (partly covered by peritoneum) Sigmoid colon: - 15-80 cm long, some people 1m long sigmoid colon - Lies in left fossa iliaca Rectum: - Flexura sacralis - Flexura Perinealis - Ampulla recti - Canalis Analis (anal canal) - Anus Walls of the Large Intestine: Tunica Mucosa of the large intestine: - Tunica mucosa forms Plicae Semilunares coli - Has Glandulae Intestinales - noduli lymphoidei solitarii - Appendix vermiformis has norduli lymphoidei aggregati. Appendix gets the name Tonsilla Abdominalis - Forms Plica transversalis superior, media and inferior - Columnae anales with sinus anales Tela submucosa of large intestine - has rectal venous plexus (hemorrhoidal plexus) - forms the Hemorrhoidal zone - Hemorrhoids protrudes from it Tunica Muscularis - Circular Internal Layer form: - Internal anal sphincter (involuntary) and external anal sphincter (voluntary) - Longitudinal external layer form 3 bands - Tenia Libera, Tenia Omentalis, Tenia Mesocolica - Haustrae Coli (Sacculations), Sulci Transversi correspond to plica semilunares coli Tunica Serosa - Intraperitoneal viscera (Caecum, Appendix Vermiformis, Transverse, Sigmoid colon and upper part of rectum) - Mesoperitoneal viscera (Ascending, Descending and middle part of rectum) hi:)