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  • 26 июл. 2016 г.

  • Cinema Makeup School - Facebook - Instagram - @cinemamakeupschool Founded in 1993, Cinema Makeup School is dedicated to educating the next generation of makeup artists for the film, television, fashion and entertainment industries. We aim to provide students with all of the skills needed to succeed as makeup artists and to give them a solid foundation for any job they seek. Our graduates have gone on to do acclaimed work at the highest level. They have worked on today's biggest blockbusters, received Emmy nominations, been winners of SyFy Network's "Face Off" makeup competition, and have built careers at in major effects shops, among many other achievements. Graduates of our school have a world of opportunity before them, and we strive to help our students reach their maximum potentials.


  • AboutToBeSilenced
    AboutToBeSilenced 2 года назад

    I'm only 13 but I just started messing around with SFX makeup and I love it. Going to this school is my dream.

  • Jesus BGM4H Escobar
    Jesus BGM4H Escobar 3 года назад

    Oh how I wish I had the money.

  • miksim87
    miksim87 4 года назад

    I can't wait to start in October. I've been waiting a year for this journey to begin!

  • Lucretia Mott
    Lucretia Mott 3 года назад

    I have a three more years of high school left, but I've already been saving for a few years now and I can't wait to apply CMS! :D

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies 3 года назад

    I probably won't be attending for another 2 years, but I'm already making plans! This school is everything I've dreamed of and more.

  • Marisol Cruz
    Marisol Cruz 4 года назад

    omg I'm a junior in high school and I am hoping to go here I am currently in advanced art and I'm so excited

  • ana luisa
    ana luisa 3 года назад

    When I was like 12 I discovered CMS and I was totally in love, I'm almost 16 and my dream still is to enter here one day

  • Mane Galindo
    Mane Galindo 4 года назад

    YES! i just got my parents blessing yesterday to go to this school next year, let me work my ass of and make the money to afford living near and ill see yall in march 2017!

  • Laurel Sneddon
    Laurel Sneddon 3 года назад

    I'm starting my first year at college after summer and I've been lucky enough to be accepted into the special effects makeup course! Hopefully after a few years of learning at college I'll be able to eventually come here to further my creativity here😊

  • Douglas Pantz
    Douglas Pantz 2 года назад


  • Rachel Garber
    Rachel Garber 2 года назад

    Good luck and success for all of the prospective students who have commented below. I hope you achieve your dreams

  • Wishing On Stars
    Wishing On Stars 3 года назад

    About to schedule an appointment to see the campus! Hopefully going to attend in February 😍😍😍

  • Nikki Mowry
    Nikki Mowry 3 года назад

    Hi cinema I'm 12 and I love Sfx, beauty, and hair and as crazy as it is I'm already looking for art collages. As I found you I was wondering if you are a collage???let me know!!!thank you

  • Bipolar Minded
    Bipolar Minded 4 года назад

    omg it's Angie And I just can't even today.

  • Kosmic Kiwi
    Kosmic Kiwi 3 года назад

    hello! I would one day love to go to your school , so I was wondering : where are you located? thanks!

  • Aves Can
    Aves Can 4 года назад

    I'm only a sophomore in high school rn but CMS is like my dream school. But I'm kinda worried I'm not good enough. What skill level should i be at before i get there?

  • It's Me
    It's Me 2 года назад

    I am in love with the FX makeup course. Hopefully I will attend it in a few years time. That's what I want to do in my life. I am 16 now.

  • melerose monter
    melerose monter 3 года назад

    I hope that one of the model

  • x MhKay
    x MhKay 2 года назад


  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 3 года назад

    Any school's in New York like this