Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew with lyrics (The Lord Bless you and Keep you) Скачать

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  • 17 мар. 2017 г.

  • Hello everyone :) We were inspired to make this arrangement of the Aaronic Blessing, also known as the Aaronic Benediction. This blessing is often sung in Jewish synagogues around the world. Many Christian churches are also familiar with this lovely scripture found in Numbers 6:22-27. This was the blessing that God commanded Moses to pray over the children of Israel. We hope you enjoy it! Shalom, 3B4JOY Hebrew (phonetical): Y'va-reh-ch'cha Adonai v'yeesh-m'reh-cha, Ya-air Adonai pa-nahv ay-leh-cha vee-choo-neh-ka, Yee-sa Adonai pa-nahv ay-leh-cha v'ya-same l'cha Shalom. In English: The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace Limited time free download: soundcloud.com/3b4joy/aaronic-benediction-3b4joy-1


  • NvZ
    NvZ Год назад

    I love hybiscus flowers. This song is so peaceful, but at the same time it wakes me up, inside.

  • alexandra Felder
    alexandra Felder 2 года назад

    please put this on Apple Music. This is my favorite song.

  • Stabbybee
    Stabbybee 2 года назад

    This is sung beautifully! I was studying this blessing in Hebrew then I came across the song. It not only helped me learn, your beautiful voices gave peace to my soul. Blessings, sisters!

  • Melody Gilman
    Melody Gilman Год назад

    I wish this available to buy :'( It's the most beautiful version I ever heard!

  • Mr4real0316
    Mr4real0316 3 года назад


  • Evelyn Maina
    Evelyn Maina 3 года назад

    You sound angelic guys👍👍

  • Nixeco
    Nixeco 2 года назад

    Wow - Pack your bags for Israel! - Amazing!

  • water 7light
    water 7light Год назад

    wow this is such a beautiful blessing, especially sung this beautifully! thank you! Shalom!

  • Salca Salisek Pozivilova
    Salca Salisek Pozivilova 3 года назад

    my name means the same like Shalom... Salome is my name 😊

  • Life With Expression
    Life With Expression 2 года назад

    Wow! Awesome! Thanks guys!!

  • Parimalah Victor
    Parimalah Victor 2 года назад

    Soulful and uplifting.

  • just being Teddy
    just being Teddy 2 года назад

    Love this arrangement Sisters. Are you working on an Hebraic Messianic album? I would love to hear it. I know when abbaYAH use you all to come with the Shema song, the ears of my hear listened as instructed. Lol Bless Up!!!

  • 🤭
    🤭 3 года назад

    Aaaaah this sounds so goooood! 😊

  • Sylvia Prejsová
    Sylvia Prejsová 3 года назад

    this is amazing girls!!!

  • Diana Kristanto
    Diana Kristanto 2 года назад

    Addicted with this song, thank you Claudette

  • sweetie pie
    sweetie pie 2 года назад


  • Steve Snyder
    Steve Snyder 3 года назад


  • Life With Expression
    Life With Expression 2 года назад

    I love the way this is sung! Is there a chance you can come up with another one that is a little easier to follow with? I can't say this hebrew fast enough lol. I usually say Yahweh :). I love this, could you slow it down a tad?

  • Judith Gratitude
    Judith Gratitude 3 года назад

    Nice, I love it😍😍😍

  • Renai Hanson
    Renai Hanson 2 года назад

    I play this Song for a month non stop.This some blessed my soul