2ltr Nova on R1 bike carbs Скачать

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  • 4 мая 2009 г.

  • Running on a modified Cavalier distributor, coil and module, this was the first run. Fuel mixture is a bit rich


  • bign3ck
    bign3ck 10 лет назад

    LOL that sounds amazing. Love suped up novas.

  • Jordi Moll Octubre
    Jordi Moll Octubre 10 лет назад


  • LEWOO7
    LEWOO7 10 лет назад

    Sounds awesome and looks great when driving it.

  • nick cramp
    nick cramp 9 лет назад

    sownds quality m8

  • dario hg
    dario hg 7 лет назад


  • FASTMAAN1997
    FASTMAAN1997 7 лет назад

    What do the carbs actually do ?

  • Алексей Садовец
    Алексей Садовец 5 лет назад

    + - 220 horse

  • boyracer1988
    boyracer1988 9 лет назад

    tom where did the blue hose go on yours, from the rocker cover big pipe have you got it going to a catch tank of some sort?

  • boyracer1988
    boyracer1988 9 лет назад

    tom that blue hose that goes from the big rocker cover pipe where does that go on your engine?