MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video] Скачать

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  • Дата премьеры: 15 сент. 2020 г.

  • MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video] Stream: Spotify: Apple: Bringing this music video to life has been such a special experience. I wanted it to feel as if Disney magically made a baby with Wes Anderson in the world of Colour Vision with every bit of our souls intertwined. Emily is my actual wife and she is really pregnant right now with our first child, so art imitates life in a fun way with this video. We studied and memorized all of the Korean lyrics to Suga’s incredible and romantic verse and all of the blueberries in the bathtub ended up being reused to create limited edition blueberry dyed blueberry eyes shirts. This video is a piece of our hearts and I hope it sparks the same magic in you viewing it as it did for us creating it. Thank you to Suga for being so brilliant on this song and more importantly for being a wonderful friend. Much love. -MAX Follow MAX Website - Merch: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Tik Tok: LYRICS (Verse) Damn you look so good Laying there wearing nothing but my t shirt Your body’s a neighborhood Wanna drive my lips all around it (Pre) Cause I’m holding my breath Wondering when you’re gonna wake up in my arms Head on my chest My heart’s beating I can’t wait to (Chorus) Kiss you each morning With strawberry skies I get so lost in Your blueberry eyes I’m running through my dreams To see you in the light Cause I get so lost in Your blueberry eyes (Verse 2) SUGA 내 그림자를 가른 한줄기 빛 어둡기만한 내 삶을 뒤집어 놓은 너 나 어쩌면 아무것도 아니지 너를 만나기전엔 그저 보잘것 없던 나 보잘것 없던 나 그전 내 삶은 다 하루를 대충 때우기에 급급했었잖아 yeah 우리의 낮 우리의 밤 그래 우리의 삶 u AR e MY light 서롤 지탱하는 벗 서로의 닻 (Chorus) Kiss you each morning With strawberry skies I get so lost in Your blueberry eyes I’m running through my dreams To see you in the light Cause I get so lost in Your blueberry eyes CAST MAX Emily Schneider CREW Created & Directed By: Andy DeLuca, Sarah Eiseman, & MAX Producer: Andrew Zenn Associate Producer: Allie Stamler Editor: Andy DeLuca DP: JD Butler 1st AC: Christian Rose Gaffer: Andy Chinn Key Grip: Harris Smith Grip Swing / Dolly Grip: Gonzalo Digenio Electric: Orlando Ordonez Styling: Emily Schneider Props: Joel Shackleford HMU: Shaina Paulson Steady Cam Operator: Jose Espinoza (P) 2020 Colour Vision Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment


  • MAX
    MAX Неделю назад


  • andrea anju
    andrea anju 1 день назад

    I love how they learned Yoongi's part because he's not there and also shown proof that they worked hard for it and not just blabbering random words.Huge respect to Max and his wife for this

  • Garima Gangia
    Garima Gangia 2 дня назад


  • Why? DoiLookLikeBbHot1002ndWeekInARow Fan?

    MAX made this song to compliment how beautiful his wife's blue eyes are

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 1 день назад

    It's impossible to hate this song.

  • Ayeshan
    Ayeshan Неделю назад

    Everyone’s taking about Sugas verse but no ones talking about how Max made a song for his wife about how beautiful her blue eyes are 🥺🥺🥺

  • Nayra Sami Flores Zegarra
    Nayra Sami Flores Zegarra 1 день назад

    Yo solo pienso en lo hermoza que es esta canción y en lo hermoza que es esa chica, es como un hada encantada pup 💙 un hada de ojos azules y MAX es su principe ;^; 💙

  • Bernice Choo
    Bernice Choo 2 дня назад

    Is it okay that she's wearing heels when she's pregnant??? I'm worried for her. But I love this song 😍

  • Fernanda Reyes Guerrero
    Fernanda Reyes Guerrero 1 день назад (изменено)

    Yeah, suga sings here and his lines are beautiful, but also all the song, the lirics, the history and everyting it's perfect, congratulations MAX, I fall in love with your song, it's so soft ♡♡

  • TTᴡᴀᴇ Lʏʟɪᴇ
    TTᴡᴀᴇ Lʏʟɪᴇ 1 день назад

    How many girls don't have blueberry eyes 👇

  • Made in Busan
    Made in Busan Неделю назад

    "We wanted to include Yoongi in some way so there's a cat in the video."

  • ALIS Asaad
    ALIS Asaad 1 день назад

    Max....why was SHE surprised when you revealed SHE was pregnant 😂

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone 2 дня назад

    Any ARMY's becoming a lil fan of MAX because of his beautiful voice..... 👇

  • Star Moon
    Star Moon 1 день назад (изменено)

    Why nobody is asking why he has blue fingernails too?

  • Hayde URURI
    Hayde URURI 1 день назад

    No hay limites para el idioma de la música suena increíble esta canción.

  • mayra
    mayra Неделю назад

    max said he sent yoongi the entire album and let him choose what song he wanted to work on and he picked blueberry eyes.... yoongi is a romantic!!!

  • Nipun Kulshreshtha
    Nipun Kulshreshtha 2 дня назад

    MAX is a great vocalist. He deserves much more.

  • Kookie Dough
    Kookie Dough 2 дня назад

    Imagine being that blessed baby and especially being in mommy’s belly while being in an iconic music video

  • Thxrealbxggly Official channel
    Thxrealbxggly Official channel 1 день назад

    the cat is suga if your wondering were he is

  • Happy Balancar
    Happy Balancar 2 дня назад

    The ring looks like princess Diana's ring.