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  • 1 авг. 2020 г.

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  • Eddsworld
    Eddsworld Неделю назад

    Hey Eddheads! We're back and we hope you like the video. We've taken some time to build a new animation team and this is hopefully the first of many! You can support our ongoing production on our new Patreon page too!

  • Alexander Werkhoven
    Alexander Werkhoven 4 дня назад

    Everyone: 2020 is the worst year ever! Eddsworld: “so anyways I started posting”

  • TheFakeJoel 732
    TheFakeJoel 732 1 день назад

    "It's like you don't even know the characters!" FINALLY someone says it lol

  • DepressoEspresso
    DepressoEspresso 1 день назад

    "2020 is the worst year ever!"

  • ScoopOfButter
    ScoopOfButter 1 день назад

    It’s just hard to believe that Matt sounds the exact same for 13 years straight.

  • 1K before 2021 Challenge
    1K before 2021 Challenge 22 часа назад (изменено)

    Matt: “i know now what must be done...”

  • Jredz7654
    Jredz7654 4 дня назад

    First episode in 4 years and Matt's already killed himself.

  • Spixyl
    Spixyl 1 день назад

    I guess 2020 isn’t bad after all.

  • Tsk YT
    Tsk YT 1 день назад

    Tom obviously just walked in and took off his black eyes revealing that they were fake. That's why he was so shocked.

  • Nah Boi :3
    Nah Boi :3 1 день назад (изменено)

    "Grandpa, what's Eddsworld?"

  • ZilcosTheEpic -
    ZilcosTheEpic - 1 день назад (изменено)

    Why does every fandom have to be so h-horrifying.

  • Mr GameBoy
    Mr GameBoy 1 день назад

    Plot twist: He's reading a legit fanfiction that actually exists and this is his reaction to it.

  • Lemillion 希望
    Lemillion 希望 1 день назад

    Only eddsworld masters of 4 characters. Only they could stop the ruthless 2020. But when the world needed them most, they returned.

    ERR0RIFY 1 день назад

    Will we ever know why Tom's eyes are black? Find out next time on dragon ball z

  • Honar Palani
    Honar Palani 1 день назад

    Matt commits suicide after browsing fan-fiction

  • M Thorne
    M Thorne 16 часов назад


  • khanh huyen le vu
    khanh huyen le vu 2 дня назад (изменено)


  • Jelka Kovacevic
    Jelka Kovacevic 1 день назад

    People: 2020 so bad with corona and other bad stuff -_-

  • Mr. Weirdness
    Mr. Weirdness 1 день назад


  • Artsey Loaff
    Artsey Loaff 1 день назад

    Everyone: The Messiah!